Meet The Guides

Our professional river guides supervise all of your adventures and will be there should you need them.  For your safety, our guiding staff undergoes extensive medical, emergency, physical and on-water training.  Our guides accompany you down the river providing the assurance of a safe, enjoyable, and well-run trip.  We are proud of our guides, and staff, and know you will be to!

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  • ed
    Jim Thorpe
    Years Guiding:

    Whether out on the river working, or just enjoying a day in the sun, Ed is always smiling and always having fun! He won most pleasant guide 22 years in a row, and is second most knowledgeable to Rich. As long as he has some river dogs with onions, and some good ice tea he is happy as can be!

  • Amy Scaled 02
    Bethlehem, PA
    Years Guiding:

    Amy has been a part of the Pocono Whitewater family since before Google was founded, she began guiding at seven years old and hasn’t been able to get away since then.  Amy is a recent graduate of Lock Haven University, with a degree in Recreation Management.  When she’s not guiding for Pocono Amy can be found hiking, climbing, or hanging around the campfire with friends.

  • sam
    Mantzville, PA
    Years Guiding:

    I have been guiding with Pocono whitewater for seven years and kayaking has always been something I love. I am currently a student at Kutztown University. When I am not out working or playing on the river I am usually playing guitar, rock climbing, or finding another adventure to take.

  • nickL
    Nick L
    Montrose, PA
    Years Guiding:

    I am a recent graduate of Wilkes University where I studied in mathematics. Kayaking is my passion and I am always learning new tricks, or boating new rivers and creeks. I was honored to receive the Guide of the Year award last year, and I look forward to many more great seasons to come!

  • Kayla1
    Allentown, PA

    Kayla came to Pocono Whitewater a wide-eyed teenager, new to our world. In the years since then she’s grown, taking an important leadership position as one of our trainers, and leading our Big Day Out trips. Since then she’s been doing trips in New Hampshire, West Virginia, Costa Rica, Peru, and Argentina. Recently Kayla began an international educational program to connect students from different cultures, her progress can be found here.

  • dustin
    Emmaus, PA
    Years Guiding:

    I love water! Whether on the river working, at the beach surfing, or pursuing my semi- professional skim boarding career. I have always enjoyed what I do, and I strongly believe that you should always live life on the edge.

  • tiffedited
    Kinsman, OH
    Years Guiding:

    I am currently a student at Lehigh Carbon Community College studying in environmental science. I started guiding 4 years ago with my dad and have continued ever since. I love being on the river, and interacting with the guests. When I’m not working I’m usually out at demolition derbies, watching races, or hanging out with my friends and family.

  • andy
    Jim Thorpe, PA

    Hey everyone! I’m the guide manager at Pocono Whitewater and have guided here for the eight years prior to taking on this role.  Whitewater is my passion and I love seeing so many people experience it on the Lehigh river.  One of my favorite parts of this “job”  is seeing all the happy people coming back to the rafting center after an exciting day on the Lehigh.  On my days off I try to kayak as many of the local creeks as possible and love working with a guide staff that shares my interest!  Here at Pocono Whitewater we realize our guides are on the front line of providing a good experience to our guests, and we take a lot of pride in the quality of our staff.

  • larry
    Douglas, GA
    Years Guiding:

    I have been a whitewater professional for 15 years running rivers in Colorado, Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, West Va. And now Pennsylvania.  I started as a photographer in a hard boat but have not been in one since 2000, I have mainly guided on class IV and V rivers in a raft with guest, and run over kayakers.  I am an Eagle Scout and my first job out of college was a District Executive with the Boy Scouts of America.  After that I became a ski bum in Colorado and found whitewater another adrenaline release.   The most rewarding part of my life brought me to Pocono Whitewater, my two daughters proving you can grow up without growing old.

  • rich
    Years Guiding:

    I have boated at least 28 whitewater streams in 10 states and 2 Canadian provinces. I am a former student of whitewater economics and whitewater philosophy at the Lehigh Whitewater University, and a former computer analyst.

  • nate

    I can’t get enough of the river. It does not matter when, where or weather, I’m game. I love interacting with the guests and making their trips unforgettable. I have been guiding for 6 years now, and at the end of the season I can’t wait to start the next one. In 2011 I was guide of the year. When I’m not on the river I’m spending time with my incredible family.

  • Tony

    This is Tony! He is a recent graduate with a B.S. in Geography: Outdoor Leadership from Mansfield University. He has a passion for adventure, be it on land or water and tries hard to keep himself exposed to new places and things. Tony also really likes it when he is not upside down in his kayak.

  • guide

    I am currently a Ph.D. student at Lehigh University studying Mechanical Engineering. My passion is helping others experience the outdoors both in the summer and winter. When kayak season ends you’ll find me working college ski races on the weekends along with free skiing and racing the rest of the week.  I started working at Pocono Whitewater in 2007.

    Hometown: Dresher, PA

  • Marko Grand Canyon Cropped

    Rain? Flash flood? Hurricane warning? When I hear these things I know I will be getting wet, and I will be on the river sooner or later. My name is Marko. Originally from Lake Ronkonkoma, NY went to college in Utica, NY. I have been visiting the Poconos since I was 8 months old. I started with Pocono Whitewater in the spring of 2008. I do this job because I love the river and the crazy people I run across on it. I enjoy traveling, good beer, hanging out with fun people, sitting on rocks in the middle of the river or in the middle of the woods, and short walks to put-in or along the banks or the river.

  • steve

    Hometown- Pottsville PA

    I’ve been on the water more years than I’d like to remember, but the good folks at Pocono WW have been paying me for it since 2009. Nothing washes away the stress of life quite like the river. Being a high school teacher gets me plenty of time to go out all summer. But fall isn’t the end of the season, only when the river is completely frozen. Anything short of that we call “dry-suit weather”. My favorite people to be on the river with are my wife and kids – particularly right after a hurricane.

  • Curt Scaled

    Forty years of experience has made Curt into the salty sea-dog of a man you’d expect for someone who has endured and survived a lifetime of working in public education.  In another life he could have made his entire living simply by putting younger men in their place.  Asked to reflect on his time at Pocono Whitewater Curt says, “every day is a different adventure.”

  • Logan cropped

    Logan has been paddling since he was eight years old, logging over 7,000 miles on the water.  He is without a doubt the best looking guide at Pocono Whitewater, was voted Guide of the Year in 2012, and has continued on to become the Training Coordinator in 2013.  While arguably the funniest, fastest, and strongest individual at Pocono, Logan would also suggest he is the most humble of all the guides.

    Logan may have also written this post.

  • TomO Scaled

    Tom came to us in 2013 with a quiet demeanor and a penchant for managing chaos.  In his off time Tom delivers and works exclusively with bread.  When asked what the best type of bread is he made the above expression before replying, “CAKEBREAD!”  While this may seem odd it is true that Tom once traveled to Peru for a month, only to spend almost all of his budget on baked goods.

  • marcus

    Marcus, affectionately “Marge” has been a part of the Pocono Whitewater family for some time.  When he’s not paddling Marge can be found climbing or arguing about what is or is not real out of the back of his car.  While Marge’ll talk romantically about the days that he used to play guitar and speak of how he doesn’t enjoy it the way that this world isn’t real, all it takes to turn this around and get his fingers moving is to pull a guitar out and play it within ear shot.  When our season ends Marge studies at Drexel University, studying English.

  • Waldo
    Matt “Waldo”

    Matt joined us in 2013, and when it came time to finish his training he revealed to us his alter ego.  Since then there has been something of a debate as to whether Matt actually shows up for his trips, or whether we simply cannot find him.  When Matt isn’t hiding in the bushes he is a student at Kutztown University.


    Kelsey is a fiery member of the Pocono Whitewater team.  Standing at a mighty 5’1″ she came to us in 2012 and quickly became one of our more infamous trip leaders.  When Kelsey isn’t commanding her rubber fleet down the Lehigh she is working on her bachelor’s degree at Marywood University.

  • yo

    Yoo is an experienced outdoorsman.  Yoo boasts an incredible 20+ years of kayaking experience, 30 years of climbing, hiking, birding, and biking, and then finally joined Pocono Whitewater at the age of 45.  Yoo has quickly become one of our senior guides, carefully guiding and mentoring the newer members of our team. When he’s not braving the mighty Lehigh he runs the Carbon County Bird Club, specializing in restoring wildlife habitat.